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08.17.18 128 times 14 21 lists
You too Mr lover, have a good weekend, and don't worry about people who complain about beauty. Obviously, there is something wrong with them or their mouse button. This one has got some style!
by tartoot, 2 hours, 4 mins ago
Thnx all for the positive votes 👍,,have a good weekend y'all 🍻
by Mr lover, 2 hours, 58 mins ago
Of course no sour face here... it's always refreshing to see a teen in action, wearing a bikini or something else...
by TheOakTree, 3 hours, 29 mins ago
Love the upload reports, peachy! This ones got some particularly good burns too. They always make me wish we could see the most egregious atrempts people throw up, accompanied by your responses. Sort of like a highlight reel of blocked shots.
by MrSnrub, 4 hours, 23 mins ago
Btw god bless. Her body is just fantastic.
by Jazzfuzz, 4 hours, 44 mins ago
Bikini photo=HP yay! Haha there are some sour people reading this right now.
by Jazzfuzz, 4 hours, 45 mins ago
Yes, she he is very attractive! But, something tells me she is also kind of a bad-ass.
by tartoot, 5 hours, 33 mins ago
THREE THINGS EVERY UPLOADER NEEDS TO KNOW: 1) Know the FAQ thoroughly. 2) Always compare your prospective uploads to the top ten photos in the Main Gallery after any given Home Page/Cover Girl from the last 6 months. 3) Once you upload a photo, move it to another folder so you do not accidentally upload it again and get banned. Follow these 3 easy steps and you will do fine.
by peachygirl99, 6 hours, 45 mins ago
Massive upload reports, Peachy. lol. Anyways, love this girl. would be even better if she was looking in the general direction of the camera. :)
by SSarge, 6 hours, 46 mins ago
...FAVES992003: All are way, way too old. You are on the verge of an upload ban. SMOOTHIE: I emptied the garbage for you. XXXYYYZZZZ: Your upload limit is 10. Exceed that again and I will ban you. IMAGEFAB31: The girls I rejected were too old. Also, your upload limit is 10, not 14. Don’t exploit the glitch. AK01: Flash too prominent. ZELLABIGTITS: No borders, no screenshots. Read the FAQ. REDLITTLEBOOK: Terrible photos. ALLYMUNRO: Too old. FLEWIS6661: Poor quality photos of dog-ugly girls. DAVE10: Is this a milf site? No. No it is not, sir. PAAS: Same thing. This is a teen site. MENUSTART: Crop. Too old. Bad photo. NZBAIT: Too old, too ugly. GAWEIN: Terrible photos. Complete garbage. BETTERIFYOUNGER: Woman in her mid-late 20s. Lame photo. BESTSELFIETNZX: Borders and lots of tattoos. THEENIGMA34: Male prominently in photo. Read FAQ.
by peachygirl99, 6 hours, 49 mins ago
UPLOAD REPORT: New member AZULA: Read the FAQ before uploading anything else. No dudes allowed. BRASS101: It is official. I am rejecting your uploads because they are not very good. YONI: Find a new source. I am tired of these crappy uploads of yours. LATINGUY: She is WAY too old! Stop uploading her or I’m going to turn off your upload privilege. FNA431: Terrible quality and you know it because your other uploads were good. Don’t waste my time with what you already know is complete garbage. FULCRUM: Dupe #103276. Faceless. GODRON: Way too old. You see that big ugly tattoo on her right leg? That’s a clue. WILDTHINGS: You have an impressive upload limit of 25. You regularly upload 25 photos at a time. I regularly reject about 20. That is because you upload mostly garbage. Raise your standards or just upload the cream. TBS2419: Terrible quality and screen shots of dating apps with full name. Do that again and get banned. WALLSCROLL: You can do better. FAVES992003: All are way, way too...
by peachygirl99, 6 hours, 50 mins ago
ATTN: I strongly advise reading the Rules/FAQ before posting comments, uploading photos or making lists as INFRACTIONS RESULT IN LOSS OF PRIVILEGES. Ask any other questions here on the Comment Page #1086959 and your friendly neighborhood Moderator will answer them. Thank you.
by peachygirl99, 8 hours, 43 mins ago
New Comment Page #1086959
by peachygirl99, 8 hours, 43 mins ago
by oldtoasteroven, 9 hours, 43 mins ago
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