Frequently Asked Questions

I want an image removed! How do I do it?
Please E-MAIL notification of any pictures you feel violates any laws or your privacy and that picture/s will be reviewed and removed as soon as possible. Please include as much information as possible. Please, patiently, allow time to research. Only Administrator can remove photos. (Official notices intended for the site owner should also be sent to this address.)
I just registered but I can't comment, vote, zoom, nor create a photo list?

To deter trolls and troublemakers, there is a 15-day waiting period for most site activities. Take this time to look around the site, learn how and why things are done, and why some things aren't allowed here. Re-read this Rules/FAQ page several times, even the parts you think won't apply to you. You will still be accountable to all the rules, even if you didn't read them all. (This page is everyone's first warning about the rules.)

You can still immediately view all the photos, and favorite those you like.

How will I know if I'm banned?

If you're banned from uploading, the "Upload" link will say so (although you may occasionally run into this inadvertently, if you using an Internet Protocal (IP) address that was banned from another user).

If you're banned from commenting, your Favorites will say so, all of your comments will be gone, you won't be able to zoom, nor create photo lists. If you created an inappropriate username, you will likely have been banned well before the 15-day waiting period is up.

What is an "inappropriate" username?

Use common sense. If you think it might be inappropriate, it probably is. You will be stuck with your username forever, so think before choosing. New usernames that aren't allowed include (but are not limited to) those that:

  • mention age ("15yo", "young", "teeny", etc.)
  • reference family relation terms
  • are racist and/or disrespectful to people
  • imply sexual acts
  • mention other websites

These aren't allowed in comments (many are already censored), so they're definitely not allowed in new usernames.

Oops! Can I change my username, or make a new one?

Only Administrator can change usernames. Because of the difficultly involved, it is done only in very rare circumstances. Mutilple usernames are NOT allowed! Each user is only allowed one identity per household to participate from. We reserve the right to retroactively ban ALL known multiple usernames, including the original. Rare exceptions may be allowed to this rule, if permitted by a moderator. Contact a moderator, by e-mail, to discuss.

How do I contact a moderator?

You can contact us at [email protected]

Please be patient about getting a reply, although we reserve the right to ignore e-mails with links or attachments.

I have hundreds of photos to share. How do I get them on the site?

An approval process exists to ensure all photos are legal, ethical, and in keeping with user expectations of the site. (Just because you like a picture doesn't mean most everyone else here will.) Under normal circumstances, uploads will take up to 96 hours before being processed for approval or rejection. Those that are approved are then up for voting, where users decide which are liked well enough to become permanent on the Main Gallery. (Uploads are processed in the order received, and cannot be removed from queue before then.)

Don't just upload anything hoping a few might be approved, you might find the opposite will result. If you have many to upload, pick only those most likely to get voted by users into the Main Gallery.

To keep the upload queue from getting flooded with unapprovable photos, each user has an upload limit of 10 photos. (Creating multiple usernames to cheat this limit, or evade an upload ban, will make all those usernames eligible for full banning, and all uploads rejected.)

What are the upload rules?

The sum of all these guidelines is common sense.

  • No illegal photos. (These must result in an instant and permanent ban.)
  • No nudity, nor naked photos of any kind, whatsoever! (These will likely result in an instant and permanent upload ban.)
  • No pictures that are excessively lewd or suggestive.
  • No copyrighted photos, nor those with logos, watermarks, nor icons on them.
  • None with artificial special effects, especially writing, superimposed on them.
  • No celebrities, pro-models, nor those that are obviously taken by a professional photographer (copyrighted).
  • No children, pre-teens, or otherwise too-young, nor those with children prominently in them.
    (Note: a photo that looks too young IS too young, regardless of actual age.)
  • No fetish pictures, including bondage, toilet, pregnant, underwater, sneak-pics, college girls gone wild, etc.
    (Note: this also includes extreme close ups of body parts. Particularly, headless photos are disallowed.)
  • None that could easily reveal a real identity. (Look closely at the entire image!)
  • No photos of males, nor those with males (including images of males) prominently in them.
    (Note: In photos of multiple people, all of the above rules apply to each person prominently in the picture.)
  • No photos with ANY borders (including excessive dead space), nor artificial split-screens.
  • No images that are tiny/too far away (where the photo subject is less than half of the image).
  • No low quality images; excessively blurry/out-of-focus (including grainy, gritty, and or pixelated), nor poor contrast (dark, washed out).
  • None that are upside-down, nor incorrectly rotated (where the photo subject is more than 45 degrees out of context).
  • None that you have previously uploaded, including photos corrected for quality, and especially yours already on site!
  • Only JPG/JPEG encoded images. (Merely a .jpg/.jpeg extension may still be another format.)
  • None from the "Common Doops" list (described in detail, below).
  • Users are responsible to make their photos as presentable as possible the first time, including cropping, rotating, chroma and contrast adjustment. If you are using an Internet device (like a phone) that doesn't allow you to properly prepare photos, nor fully see them, it might be better for you to wait until you can.

    Every reasonable effort is made to approve every viable picture for voting. If your image was rejected, there was some valid reason. You should honestly and objectively review your non-duplicate rejected photos to become better acquainted with these upload rules.

    These pages are everyone's first and second warning. Users are given every reasonable opportunity to upload according to site standards, but for the good of the entire site, we must reserve the right to block a user's ability to upload at any time. If you're fortunate enough to receive a personal warning on the HP (of the day your uploads are processed), you should honestly re-read this entire section. (Check for these warnings, because ignoring them will not be an acceptable excuse.)

Wait, I see other photos on here that break those rules!

The site's purpose and practices continue to be refined throughout the years. Don't be misled by the content of older nor original photos. The current rules listed above apply to all present and future uploads. Review recent pictures of the Main Gallery to know what belongs here.

How does upload voting work?

Simply click the "keep" button on the uploads you like, "dump" on the ones you don't, and skip those you're undecided on. (Note: If you change Internet IP addresses, it will appear that you vote was wiped out. Don't worry, your original vote still registered. All user voting history is permanently logged, if you have a question about a particular page.)

Uploads (with at least 30 keep votes) that exceed a 75% keep/dump ratio will enter the Main Gallery at "changeover".

Uploads (with at least 10 dump votes) that fall below a 45% keep/dump ratio will be removed from voting shortly before changeover.

Uploads between those margins will remain eligible for further voting. If they still fail to meet these margins, they will expire 61 days after having been uploaded.

Voting is a privilege, not to be misused for cheating your uploads' ranking, voting-off everything, or any other form of maliciousness. We have years of experience (and multiple algorithms) for knowing the clear difference between cheating and honest voting. Simply vote your your conscience, and everything will be okay.

What do words like "HP", "MG", or "doop" mean?

MG is, simply, the Main Gallery. HP is home page, a/k/a front page; the first MG page most users see when they first sign on. Each day, it is the page that had the best voting of the previous day. Because of this placement, the HP has distinct purposes, unique from all other MG pages that day. (A list of previous day's HPs is on the top menu, labeled "Cover Girls".)

Duplicates of other MG pictures are linked-to, and noted with the word "dupe", so that they can be found using the search. Since the word "dupe" has this special purpose, the misspell "doop" is used in all other contexts.

What's with weird comments like "beach HAK owl duck zebra fence bikini"?!?

These are intended to be search tags, so that pictures can be, later, located using the search functions. The search engine includes all comments on a page, so tags are written in the comments. (We really, really appreciate users who assist with tagging. Uploaders will find many benefits of tagging their own uploads.)

Mixing and matching multiple search terms, acronyms, and expected comments will refine locating types of images. Examples: here, here, and here.

Using the search feature can help locate pictures that you like, PhotoList themes and, especially, avoid uploading those that are already here.

What are the comment rules?
  • None of a creepy or sexual nature, including implying, inferring, excessively personal, etc.
  • Nothing disrespectful, derogatory nor demeaning about females.
  • No racist comments.  (These will likely result in an instant ban.)
  • Nothing related to violence or other illegal activity.
  • No personal information about the girls (including requesting it).
  • No contact information for yourself; e-mail, IM, social media, etc.
  • No URLs, links or mentions of other websites.
  • No attempting to arrange picture trading.
  • No bashing, attacking, nor excessive disrespect to other users.
  • No trolling; deliberately attempting to provoke a reaction, disruption or needless argument (including mocking search tags).

The sum of all comment rules is respect. Comment as if the world is watching (because it is).
There is a difference between appreciation, and being creepy." - spunkmunky

Our members comprise a wide variety of personalities, ages, likings, origins, experiences, and, yes, even a surprising number of females. Behave as you should in any other community like this.

A comment I made was deleted. I didn't see anything wrong with it.

We saw it differently. We have much experience in knowing what kind of comments are problematic, lead to it, and those that have caused problems for other sites. (Besides, your comment may read completely differently that you intended it.)

We must set an extremely high standard about what's considered to be a creepy/sexual comment. This is to appease the server hosting company and to keep the site open rather than being put at risk due to inappropriate comments about young girls.

In addition to the site moderators, a few other selected users also have authority to flag comments for deletion. You may politely inquire why a comment was flagged, to better understand the comment guidelines, but the decision of the moderators must be final.

Based on our judgment and experience, we reserve the right to delete any comment, including (but not limited to):

  • Double-entendre, even if unintended.
  • Family relation terms (father, mother, brother, sister, etc.).
  • Spamming (excessive repetition and similar poor netiquette, etc.).
  • Age guessing, age debating, and certain comments too age-specific.
  • Possessive statements about the photo subjects.
  • Those that include a censored word, even if unintended.
  • Comments referring to girls in the same terms used to describe food.
  • Any other such comments that we know are likely to lead to worse follow-ups.
  • Incorrect links, unintended links, incorrectly formed links, and blatantly incorrect search tags.
  • Those written not written in English/not commonly understandable by most English readers.
  • Excessive negativity about site content or operations (particularly on the HP, since this often invites trolling).
  • Asking for votes, or telling others how they should vote.
  • Off-topics; random comments/conversation completely unrelated to a page, itself.

However, each day's COMMENT PAGE may be used for off-topics and some conversation. It is a daily, temporary page; an upload page that's soon to expire.

The comment page is also used for:

  • links to pages any user believes has offensive comments needing review
  • technical questions/comments about the site
  • inquiries about site operations
  • questions about your account
  • links to suggested additions to other user's photo lists
  • requests for a modification to one of your photo lists titles

Photo list titles have the same standards as comments! Titles we deem to break these rules will be changed to alert your requirement to request an allowable title (on the comment page, or via e-mail to a moderator). Failing to do so in a timely manner will make your list eligible for deletion. Repeating unacceptable titles will make you eligible for banning.

What's wrong that I can't get a full-size picture, or add to my photo list?

You must be logged in to access these features and commenting. A period of inactivity may partially or completely log you out. A simple browser refresh on an MG page usually corrects this, or you may need to completely log in again.

If a full-sized version of an MG photo is available, the zoom icon will briefly appear in the upper left of the image. Clicking anywhere on the picture (except that icon) will, depending on browser compatibility, display the "zoom" of the photo, although some mouse tricks may be necessary to fully navigate that image.

Full-size photos are a courtesy - an unguaranteed feature intended only for viewing, not saving the image. In cases where the original image is the same size, unavailable or unconvertable, "zoom" will not function.

If you are comment banned for any reason, you will also be unable to access your favorites, view full-size photos and create new photo list!

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