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Photo #12245

03.05.09 727 times 53 18 lists
Great outfit
by pigtails, 5 years, 1 month ago
yellow wall, computer
by kommm, 5 years, 6 months ago
hey, i have some pics i uploaded, i think you should check them out and give me some feedback
by habadasher99, 8 years ago
how can i get a job approving photos for this site???
by E. Gein, 8 years ago
yeah lot-o-uploads
by poopyrodgers, 8 years ago
lol @ red_rocker :P
by Administrator, 8 years ago
tomator2: what do you mean? like on the "latest uploads" link on the top menu?
by Administrator, 8 years ago
LOL, I think I've approved over 1500 since yesterday *phew* We're over 16,000 in the uploads counter, amazing!
by Administrator, 8 years ago
Total left: 1311 (thats unapproved uploads) I got a lot of work to do tonight!
by poopyrodgers, 8 years ago
Hey Admin... How's it going? (sorry, I just wanted to ask you a question too)
by red_rocker, 8 years ago
hey admin it would be nice if we could see the pictures that has just been added in thumbnails. The same way we can see them in our favorites. ;)
by tomator2, 8 years ago
hey admin, if you need another approvalist for uploaders let me know!!
by punisherofwar, 8 years ago
Still would llike to volunteer my services Admin to help with the approval process. I log on everyday and would be happy to help out.
by magunkey, 8 years ago
maybe. certainly his perogative, his site.
by h4osu, 8 years ago
Hmm well then I'll take your word for it. Maybe Admin would just rather be safe than sorry? I dunno.
by red_rocker, 8 years ago
red_rocker...there is nothing illegal about those pics. I'm an attorney. Technically and by law they are covered.
by h4osu, 8 years ago
My guess would be that they are probably gone for a reason, h4osu...
by red_rocker, 8 years ago
Admin, I work offshore and am home for a couple weeks. Need a hand approving photos?
by snakeguy2193, 8 years ago
Admin, all green body paint pics are gone. Do you want me to upload again???
by h4osu, 8 years ago
h4osu: sure it can be done, contact me via email. king101, yes I'm still approving, had to step out for a bit. TGSR96: contact me ;)
by Administrator, 8 years ago
If you need a hand Admin let me know, I am laid off and check in alot, I have nothing better to do! lol
by TGSR96, 8 years ago
Oh no!! All the green body paint ones have gone :(
by leslitta, 8 years ago
Yeah I'm on quite a bit, doing absolutely nothing, I'd be more than willing to help... I'm also not sure if you got to all of my pictures because I'm still missing a bunch? Maybe they didn't go through? or you are still approving them...
by king101, 8 years ago
Admin let me know if you need help with the approval process im always on often through day and night
by blitzace, 8 years ago
Where are the green body paint pics? I can't find them using the search engine or the photo series link.
by h4osu, 8 years ago
pwnzar: you can only keep/dump the photo's in the upload section. Those buttons are at the place of the age guessing in main gallery
by Shadow_Demon, 8 years ago
ARGH sorry for the spam but how the heck do i vote KEEP or DUMP? Can't find any buttons lol......
by pwnzar, 8 years ago
king101: I just started approving yours. colleguy: yours might still be waiting to get approved (still 900 to go). The users that were helping with the approvals haven't been online...
by Administrator, 8 years ago
I have to ask. How do you come to have so many photos like these?
by HornDog, 8 years ago
Same thing happened to me. I added about 150 pics in the last 3 or 4 days and only about 30 are showing. I just added about 100 this morning so we will see what happens.
by collegeguy, 8 years ago
Yeah I spent quite a bit of time uploading about 200 pics more than 24 hours ago and only a few have shown up.
by king101, 8 years ago
Admin, I spent time uploading about 150 pics over the last week, but only about 40 showed up. Why is that? They all met the site standards and were good quality and no repeats.
by h4osu, 8 years ago
love it
by nukka2, 8 years ago
Amputee jailbait!!!
by jrsysdeniro, 8 years ago
Admin, what's the e.t.a. On those videos?
by chasen14, 8 years ago
first!! yeah well I had to do it! :P bedroom, boots, brunette
by xopa, 8 years ago
good question, i want to do the same
by dawsonj, 8 years ago
Admin, is there a way to change our username without losing our favorites, our number of keeps/dumps, and uploads???
by h4osu, 8 years ago
Admin must have been off last night...no really new updates...hopefully tonight, cause i added about 115 new pics.
by eyecandy, 8 years ago
how do i vote keep/dump ? :|
by pwnzar, 8 years ago
by Teh 1337ness, 8 years ago
by Twisted Minds, 8 years ago
What's up with no comments?
by 1wutthebleep1, 8 years ago
i like
by bolan8, 8 years ago
very nice
by bolan8, 8 years ago
no comments yet? christ she looks perfect
by rodion, 8 years ago
Great pic update to see on my b-day. :)
by daytontrent, 8 years ago
how to vote dump or keep? Can't see any buttons... Or do i just vote really low or really high ?
by pwnzar, 8 years ago
how to vote dump/keep ?
by pwnzar, 8 years ago
errm new JBG user here... how do I vote for dump or keep ?
by pwnzar, 8 years ago
by straynger, 8 years ago
Damn nice.
by jc, 8 years ago
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