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As this discussion is arcing out of context, let's move it to the comment page #890956
by Bobo1234, 6 years ago
why not eliminate the dump option? in all other contests you can ONLY vote for, not against someone.
by eVets, 6 years ago
The number of dumps votes on this one have tripled ever since the challenge/dare was posted.
by Bobo1234, 6 years ago
A lesson in human nature; when someone assumes their taste is "right", and any different liking is "wrong", it'll read like a challenge to those who think they're right, and you're wrong. They'll vote a dump just to "show you".
by Bobo1234, 6 years ago
if lefty was in micro bikini, showing more boob and ass skin, there wuold be more keeps.
by eVets, 6 years ago
I like their bodies, but I would have to agree with educateher. And he's right about the dumps too.
by nofaties, 6 years ago
by wallym, 6 years ago
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