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Kingporter67, 4 years, 6 months
This high-waist trend has to end, makes asses and hips look big (yuck). Low cut with 2" zipper and little hip bones above the belt is hot as hell.
masfina, 5 years, 3 months
gih midriff street
754lrx, 6 years, 3 months
The uncropped version of this pic has a stop sign that says "alto", so this is probably in Mexico .
Bobo1234, 6 years, 3 months
planetdaytime, 6 years, 5 months
Get used to them, they're making a come back. Lefty looks good, though.
KushLVR, 6 years, 5 months
Ugly pants
JHawks69, 6 years, 5 months
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