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Would love to see more from lefty!
pieterberbersen, 2 months, 2 weeks
Instagram doesn’t make someone a celebrity...
stringbikini, 9 months
So the girl on the right is famous... but what about the one on the left? How many followers on Instagram does she have?
Bom, 9 months
I'll go one better. She was named as a celebrity and denied in the uploads report on #156672. Of course, that was a different approver, different uploader and on a different day.
Tiger Eyes, 9 months
It's called "the rules are whatever we want them to be today for whomever we want them to be." I saw the discussion where this world-famous girl was decidedly disallowed by a mod. It was deleted so now there's no proof. The good news is that any non-pro with up to a quarter million IG followers is now eligible! Depending, of course, on the day, the approver and, I'd guess, the weather.
Tiger Eyes, 9 months
Righty almost 250k followers on Instagram! What the...????
User9876, 9 months
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