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Firefighter1, 9 months
oh my!
damnright, 2 years, 3 months
It's amazing how many fiendish problems are simplified when tackled from an Irish perspective!
centipede, 5 years, 11 months
Did you leave Emily2010? I have relatives in south-western Ireland. They told me about the gypsies there.
peachygirl99, 5 years, 11 months
peachygirl99, 5 years, 11 months
pikie? do you mean gypsie?
peachygirl99, 5 years, 11 months
It's in Ireland. That car has Irish plates and that looks like pikie ass lol
emily2010, 5 years, 11 months
looks to be in the uk, though those are european plates on the car. could be an import though. either way, who cares, thats a hot pair of legs
ukjbfan, 5 years, 11 months
Bobo: thanks for the suggestions. I think you are clutching at straws with 1 - 3 and 6 but 4 and 5 (which may amount to the same thing!!) appear plausible.
centipede, 5 years, 11 months
Maybe it's a concept car.
thc113, 5 years, 11 months
Kevin922, 5 years, 11 months
Oh, 6) Car is stuck in reverse.
Bobo1234, 5 years, 11 months
1) One-way street. 2) Passing parked car. 3) Country that drives on the left. 4) Intoxication. 5) Saw the girl and priorities changed. :P
Bobo1234, 5 years, 11 months
That Audi would appear to be on the wrong side of the road. Any theories as to why?
centipede, 5 years, 11 months
Good lord at the legs and ass!
garageinc2001, 6 years, 11 months
oh god thats heaven id crash my car if i saw that driving
luvstasty, 7 years, 7 months
Hate to see her go but love watching her leave
Barry, 7 years, 7 months
very nice...the shorts fit perfectly.
runner, 7 years, 9 months
sweet euro butt
mickyd, 7 years, 11 months
Ultimate uggs ass shorts chunk
chunk, 8 years
Nice! (y) spunkybait
SPUnkmuNKY, 8 years
hey Spunk
nbtween, 8 years
hot little butt
dreambone, 8 years
I'm surprised she has to walk anywhere.
Tanzarian, 8 years
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