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Photo #93609

10.16.11 442 times 12 42 lists
The whole package. This is stay-at-home wifey.
by FarmReport6, 1 year, 3 months ago
A very gorgeous girl in a solid white bikini bathing suit with a very lovely body!
by Kingporter67, 3 years, 1 month ago
The obvious can be said of her body...but I'm smitten by her eyes.
by kootchiekisser, 5 years, 7 months ago
agree ! This is a great upload from candb !! I wasn't here lastnight for changeover - thought this would be HP when I signed in today !!
by 754lrx, 6 years ago
in my opinion this is the best picture on the site
by random12345, 6 years ago
sideknot wristwatch hillside waves
by 754lrx, 6 years ago
She's amazing, candb. How old is she in this pic and the others?
by duder420, 6 years ago
yet another cutie
by laddie, 6 years ago
Absolute perfection
by KushLVR, 6 years ago
by sA80 , 6 years ago
Keep for the gap.
by ibtspecialist, 6 years ago
Very nice gap :)
by loveyoungjb, 6 years ago
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by stringbikini 10 mins ago
by stringbikini 11 mins ago
by CutePatrol 21 mins ago
Too bad we got the New York pics instead of the St. Tropez pics :/
by CutePatrol 24 mins ago
You can tell she has a naturally athletic body without even seeing a peek of it. What a beauty, what a fine specimen!
by CutePatrol 25 mins ago
Amazing example of female skeletal architecture! Nothing in nature can compare to a perfect tummy framed by delicate yet prominent ribs a...
by CutePatrol 29 mins ago
Good to the last drop
by Idcloser 29 mins ago
ADMIN: User calcgek117 requests to have his uploads removed. There are only two of them. #73719# #73685# . I disabled his account as per ...
by peachygirl99 30 mins ago
I can't figure out if those are the bluest eyes I've seen or if it's just the shirt. Even covering up the shirt, those are some blue, bl...
by CutePatrol 32 mins ago
by Idcloser 32 mins ago
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by peachygirl99 34 mins ago
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by peachygirl99 36 mins ago
Heh, I wondered if she would become HP again. From the same day of photoshooting, too! Well done, LikeARubberBall!
by CutePatrol 43 mins ago