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Ok thanks for the feedback, the reason why I didn't ask du for feedback was because while he gives great feedback it's more on the technical side of things I.e. Size, pic quality. I wanted to find out personal preference of the users
booby, 7 years
Some here, for some strange reason, have a real grudge against sunglasses, especially big ones. IMO, they all look a bit long in the tooth (regardless of actual age).
bobo1234, 7 years
but i am hardly a typical voter here, so i have no idea if that helped. if you haven't already, i would suggest asking DU for feedback on the homepage, since he knows better than i about what makes it and what doesn't.
stetsonrukaka, 7 years
i dumped primarily because of how 'cramped' the pic feels. search the tag "slice", and you will see many pics with this similar property. without an exceptional balancing factor (and i don't find anything here to satisfy me in that regard), (n) .
stetsonrukaka, 7 years
this isn't normally done and will probably encourage dumps, but that considered I'd like the people of jbgto tell me what they think of this pic and to letme know why they dumped/kept this pic so I can better choose my pics for my next set of uploads :D
booby, 7 years
Lefty (y)
YoungCuties4me, 7 years
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